Testosterone does not cause prostate cancer, but if you have prostate cancer already and you don’t know it, then testosterone will cause the cancer to grow more quickly. We monitor this very closely and therefore catch it early if you were unaware that you had prostate cancer.

When done correctly, including monitoring your blood count, testosterone is actually healthy for your heart and helps protect against further heart disease.

It will depend on whether or not you have insurance. There are several cash pay and several insurance options. It will depend on what works best for each individual. We do everything we can to help every patient afford the treatment they need.

It typically takes about a month for your testosterone to build up in your system. That is when most people notice the benefits such as more energy, better sleep and motivation. However, some patients have noticed results in just a couple of weeks.

There are pellets, creams, and pills, but the shots are what is most recommended. Injections are much easier to control results and maintain a healthy balance. The minimal fluctuation with the shots helps minimize side effects as well.

It is recommended that you stay on testosterone therapy at least until you retire if you want to get the benefits. If you come off of testosterone it will just drop back to where you were when you began treatment.